Afad Gurbanov’s Public and Political Activities

Distinguished personalities, great scientists and thinkers are people who constantly live with the problems of the life of society as their driving force and, taking the well-being of the people and country as their basis, involve themselves closely in resolving these problems. A real civil scientist always gives unstintingly of his labor in order to realize the aspirations and wishes of the people, putting all his strength at the service of the cause. It is precisely these qualities that were among the key characteristics of the well-known public figure Afad Gurbanov.


Afad Gurbanov started engaging in public work even as a young man and carried out important work in the rear during the Great Patriotic War, hoping for victory. In addition to agitprop work among the masses, he also engaged in serious activity in the area of military construction. Even at that time in his life the young patriot’s work was valued with medals “For the Victory over Germany in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War” and “For Selfless Labor in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War” conferred on him by the state.


In addition to his strenuous scientific and pedagogical activity, the war veteran, scientist and citizen Afad Gurbanov also took an active part in the social and political life of our republic. During his time as a deputy of the Baku City Soviet in 1981 and 1987 he achieved the resolution of a number of Baku’s social-economical and scientific-cultural problems.


From 1990-1995 the public figure Afad Gurbanov was elected as a deputy to the Azerbaijani Parliament and as a people’s deputy was at the vanguard of the social and political struggle waged for the independence of our republic in the 1990s, distinguished by his tough and inflexible position. In 1990, he raised his voice against the savagery committed in the Bloody January events and the atrocities committed against the people of Azerbaijan by the Armenian nationalists.


For an assessment of the public and political activity of Afad Gurbanov - a talented scientist, capable organizer and a true citizen who loved his people and country – one need only look at the main propositions of his platform as a deputy.  In these propositions one can feel the sincere heartbeat of a man fighting for an independent Azerbaijan, struggling for its economic, political and cultural sovereignty, the transition to a new Latin script-based alphabet for the Azerbaijani people, the legalization of the Azerbaijani language as the state language and ensuring its wide-scale usage, and wishing to see his country among the most developed countries of the world.


In 1992, Afad Gurbanov together with a group of deputies made a statement condemning the pressures exerted on our great leader Heydar Aliyev. The text of the statement was also published in the “Ses” newspaper of 17 December 1992. The statement pointed out Heydar Aliyev’s services to the Azerbaijani people and his place in the history of Azerbaijan, and considered the calls of some “politicians” to abrogate the autonomy of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in order to remove him from politics to be treason against the nation.


Afad Gurbanov was always interested in the settlement and destiny of refugees and internally displaced persons and spared no efforts in assisting them. The problem of the education of the children of refugee and internally displaced families was an issue which constantly exercised Afad Gurbanov. In addition to putting forward proposals with respect to these problems, he also succeeded in implementing many practical measures. In 2004 a number of constructive and interesting measures relating to the education of internally displaced children were implemented under his leadership.


Afad Gurbanov carried out considerable work beyond the boundaries of the republic in connection with his public and political activity, including Turkey, Russia, Iran and other countries. He was an ardent propagandist for an independent Republic of Azerbaijan and fulfilled with dignity the functions of a true intellectual and citizen. In his lectures in Turkey, in the cities of Ankara, Istanbul, Adana, Geysariyya and Konya, he made known to the public at large the tragedy which had befallen our nation, the causes of that tragedy, and how it can be overcome.


As a member of a delegation consisting of 5 deputies sent by the Parliament of Azerbaijan to Moscow in connection with the problems of Garabagh Afad Gurbanov set out his ideas on the Garabagh situation in the Kremlin and detailed his own position as a citizen and an envoy of the people. In 1992, he visited Greece as part of a state delegation from Azerbaijan and gave an address on the important problems of our country at an international congress held in Athens.


A distinguished linguist scientist, Turkologist and public figure, academician of international and national academies, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, honorary member of the Turkic Language Body, full or honorary member of a number of linguistic and onomastic scientific organizations of the world, honored scientific figure, State Prize laureate, doctor of philological sciences, Professor Afad Mahammad oglu Gurbanov was a personality who was bound to his country and his people by his whole life and conscious activity, a true scientist and real citizen. He served his nation with dignity to the end of his days and through his achievements engraved his name in golden letters in the history of Azerbaijan.