The Life

Alifuad Mahammad oglu Gurbanov, whose name would later appear in the record as “Afad”, was born into the family of a high-ranking military officer in the village of Cuci (later known as Qizil Shafaq) in the Kalinino District of Western Azerbaijan on January 10, 1929. That child from Cucikend later became a renowned scientist of a great nation called Azerbaijan, and eventually of the Turkic world.

Gurbanov’s original first name “Alifuad” was a combination of his grandfather Ali’s name, and that of a close friend and comrade at arms of his named Fuad. Over time, people began pronouncing Alifuad as "Afad" and that is what he came to be officially called. Hence, the future great man of science was known to the world as Afad Gurbanov.