Afad Gurbanov as a Scientific Organizer

Another area of Professor Afad Gurbanov’s creative work was his organizational activity in the sphere of science. As an outstanding scientist Afad Gurbanov was also notable for this activity and attracted the attention of the population of the republic. He was constantly thinking about the development of Azerbaijani science and was unstinting in his efforts in this direction. .


During his work in higher education, as well as striving to improve the quality of the teaching of linguistic subjects, Afad Gurbanov applied his efforts constantly to increasing the scientific potential of the department of Azerbaijani linguistics of which he was the head, and succeeded in raising the level his department’s scientific-research work to the level of the requirements of present-day science. Under his leadership scientific workshops dedicated to specific linguistic themes were held in the department and the material from these workshops was published in the form of a journal under his supervision.


In 1986, Afad Gurbanov established an Onomastic Scientific Center attached to the department of Azerbaijani linguistics for the first time in the scientific life of the republic. This center subsequently became a central laboratory for scientific-research problems where scientific-research work related to various problems of Azerbaijani onomastics was carried out.


Academician Afad Gurbanov’s scientific-organizational capacity demonstrated itself even more clearly when he worked as the chairman of the dissertation defense councils. In the 1980s under his chairmanship meetings of the Defense Council for Philological Sciences and the Defense Council for Pedagogical Sciences held were always implemented in an organized manner, the dissertations submitted to the defense councils were defended successfully and all of them were approved unanimously by the Supreme Attestation Commission. The defense councils and Afad Gurbanov always received letters of thanks from the Supreme Attestation Commission and Afad Gurbanov heard kind words from them for his good work.


Among the scientific community of the republic Professor Afad Gurbanov was known as the organizer of scientific conferences dedicated to different problems of Azerbaijani linguistics. Starting from 1986, he arranged for republican-scale scientific conferences to be held dedicated to the problems of Azerbaijani onomastics and subsequently Afad Gurbanov organized similar scientific conferences devoted to speech culture issues and problems in Azerbaijani terminology in 1987 and 1988 respectively. It is gratifying that the material from all the conferences held has been collected and published in the form of beautifully produced books.


The eminent scientist was closely involved in international scientific meetings, conferences and symposia and represented our republic and scientific community as part of the delegation to the VI International Turkological Congress held in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, in September 1988. The scientist’s paper on toponymic research in Azerbaijan aroused great interest among conference participants and Professor Nuri Yuje, Professor Tuncer Gulensoy from among the Turkish scientists and Chinese scientist Gulam Gafur specifically mentioned the originality and high scientific-theoretical level of Afag Guranov’s paper in their speeches.


A great part of Afad Gurbanov’s life, almost forty years, was associated with the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. As a member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan he was unstinting in his efforts to develop linguistic science and always carried out his scientific activity in close cooperation with the Academy of Sciences.


Professor Gurbanov was an active member of the Terminological Committee at the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the Commission on the development of the draft law on the state language, the Special Commission on Names and Surnames, the Scientific Board and Defense Council of the Nassimi Institute of Linguistics, the Council of Coordination of Social Sciences, the Commission on the development of the new draft regulations and the improvement of the structure of the Academy of Sciences and a number of other commissions, and in all these roles he was distinguished by his strenuous and productive activity and high-level scientific-organizational capacity.


Moreover, from 1984-1989 Professor Gurbanov was a member of the Soviet Turkologists Committee of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a member of the bureau of the Turkic onomastics section, the chief of the teaching methods section and later on he worked as the deputy chairman of the aforementioned Committee and demonstrated his scientific organizational ability in all the former Soviet republics.


In addition, Afad Gurbanov presented papers and represented our scientific community at a high level in the All-Union Turkological Conference held in Ashgabat in 1985, the XXIX International Conference dedicated to the Altaic languages held in Tashkent in 1986, the All-Union Congress of Public Education Employees held in Moscow in 1988, the First Congress of the Azerbaijani Societies held in Istanbul in 1990, the First International Great Azerbaijani Congress held in the city of Geysariyya in Turkey in 1990, the second International Symposium arranged in the city of Adana, Turkey, in 1991 and other international conferences.