Afad Gurbanov as a Typical Head of Family

The picture of the personality of Afad Gurbanov who was distinguished by his energetic and tireless activity in the area of the development of our science and culture and his strenuous diverse work as a public figure is duly complemented by his persona as a typical head of family. This man who became an ideal for those he educated was also a typical head of the family, spouse and father.


Afad Gurbanov and his spouse Zohrakhanim Yusif gyzi Gurbanova brought up five children, of great value in our time and worthy of their father. Zohrakhanim Yusif gyzi Gurbanova is a candidate of medical sciences and is currently working in the capacity of associate professor in the department of internal diseases at the Medical University of Azerbaijan.


The children - three sons and two daughters - finished secondary school No. 134 with medals and graduated from university with honors diplomas. His elder son and daughter Fuad and Farah are doctors of medical sciences, his middle son Rashad is a doctor of legal sciences, professor and head of department, and his youngest son Ramin is a doctor of philosophy in legal sciences. Of his children only his youngest daughter Fidan khanim is following in her father’s scientific path, and she is a doctor of philological sciences and associate professor at the University of Languages of Azerbaijan.


This is a true image of a real intellectual scientist’s family.